HP BLc7000 Enclosure with 1 Phase 2 Power Supply 4 Fan ROHS ICE License


  The BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides all the power, cooling, and I/O infrastructure needed to support modular server, interconnect, and storage components today and throughout the next several years. The enclosure is 10U high and holds up to 16 server and/or storage blades plus optional redundant network and storage interconnect modules. It includes a shared, 5 terabit per second high-speed NonStop midplane for wire-once connectivity of server blades to network and shared storage. Power is delivered through a pooled-power backplane, and power input flexibility is provided with choices of single-phase, 3-Phase AC input, and -48V DC Input. The new HP Single Phase AC Intelligent Power Module together with HP Intelligent PDUs and HP Platinum power supplies enables Intelligent Power Discovery, which automatically maps servers to their power source, verifies power redundancy, and makes sure everything is hooked up correctly, saving time and eliminating errors


Simpler to manage and easier to control, now with Intelligent Power Discovery
Consolidation right from the start – The HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure goes beyond just Blade servers, by integrating server, storage, networking and power management into a single solution that can be managed as a unified environment
Total control – With Onboard Administrator, iLO remote management and HP Insight Control suite you can manage your servers and take complete control regardless of the state of the server Operating System
HP Insight Control software gives you the power to automate standard processes, freeing up your valuable IT resource to deliver business improvements rather than IT maintenance
When the new HP Single Phase AC Intelligent Power Module is combined with HP Intelligent PDUs and HP Common Slot Platinum efficiency power supplies, Intelligent Power Discovery automatically maps servers to their power source and verifies power redundancy