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 HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridges Introducing the HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridges

Lasting innovation you can depend on!

  • Now with LTFS, enabling tape to read like a disk.
  • ۳ TB’s of data on a single cartridge.
  • Transfer Data at 280 MB/second.
  • Extreme environmental, drop, shock, and vibration tested.
  • Guaranteed archival life of 30 years.

HP LTO storage media is uniquely suited for storing and archiving large volumes of data. LTO tape for archival offers an affordable solution for long term data protection. Encrypted data can be securely stored offsite for additional data protection and retention requirements.

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Data Cartridges

» HP LTO Ultrium Data Cartridges
HP LTO-5 Ultrium RW and WORM hold up to 3.0 TB (compressed) per tape, is exhaustively qualified for use with HP and non-HP products
» HP DLT Data Cartridges
Up to 80 GB per tape, offering excellent data integrity.
» HP Travan Data Cartridges
Up to 20 GB per tape, featuring our exclusive Media Monitor.
» HP SDLT Data Cartridges
HP SDLT media offers up to 600 GB capacity, high performance and increased reliability for DLT users.
» HP AIT Data Cartridges
AIT from 70 GB to 200 GB, faster file access, higher performance, more reliability and lower cost.
» HP DDS/DAT Data Cartridges
The DAT 320 media provides 320GB of compressed capacity and has a transfer rate capability of 24MB/sec, which offers twice the capacity and performance over the previous generation.

RDX Removable Disk Cartridges

» HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge
Delivers an easy to use, affordable, rugged and removable disk based data protection cartridge for workstations and entry level servers in your micro or small business.

۵٫۲۵ inch Optical Media- MO & UDO

» HP Magneto-Optical Disks
Available in Write-Once and Rewritable formats for use with large scale, high security, or permanent storage applications. Engineered to meet and surpass ISO/IEC/ANSI standards.
» HP Ultra Density Optical Disks
The next generation of Magneto Optical offering three times the capacity, higher performance and lower cost per gigabytes over its predecessor.