The HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure brings new capabilities to HP BladeSystem. Now available in either a Tower model or rack model, the c3000 targets three separate market segments: 1) remote sites needing between 2 and 8 server blades; 2) mid-sized companies with between 3 and 100 servers in their company; and 3) enterprise accounts with special datacenter requirements, such as DC power, or very limited rack power & cooling capacity. Similar to the c7000, the Intelligent Management through the Onboard Administrator gives you complete control of your bladed infrastructure. A multi-terabit backplane ensures that the c3000 Enclosure can support today\’s Gigabit networks with an easy migration to tomorrows 10 Gigabit solutions.


Simple to Manage, Easy to Control
The HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure goes beyond just Servers, by integrating server, storage(NAS or iSCSI), networking and power management into a single solution that can be deployed anywhere.
With Onboard Administrator enclosure management, iLO Server management and HP Insight Control you manage your servers and enclosures locally and remotely and take complete control regardless of the state of the server Operating System.
Introducing the HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure for sites without racks and with support for up to 8 server blade devices in a 6U enclosure.
Easy setup and management using tools you\’re used to, such as a local DVD drive for SmartStart software deployment, and a local KVM interface for local rack-based KVM integration.
Change Ready IT That Can Grow and Flex with your needs
Pre-wired and pre-configured, the c3000 Enclosure can makes adding a new server blade as simple as just plugging it in.
Going beyond just virtual servers, the c3000 Enclosure allows you to virtualize your network, your storage and your power infrastructure so you can reduce costs while protecting your business assets against disasters.
HP Insight Control gives you the power to migrate from an old server to a new BladeSystem Server Blade, move a virtual machine from one physical server to another, or deploy a new operating system in minutes rather than hours or days.
Reduce Up-front Capital and Ongoing Management Costs
Costs less than equivalent rack-mounted servers (at 3 servers or more)
Optimize power efficiency with HP Dynamic Power Saver to place unused power supplies in standby